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As one of the longest serving Moffitt physicians, Dr. Trotti is recognized for expertise in head and neck and cutaneous malignancies, and the adverse effects of cancer treatment. He has conducted original and collaborative group clinical trials in head and neck cancer at the Cancer Center for more than 17 years.

Under his leadership, Moffitt became a member of the National Cancer Institute-sponsored Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) in 1990 and continues today as one of a select group of active full members. Dr. Trotti serves as institutional principal investigator for RTOG studies. Several of Dr.Trotti's original pilot studies conducted at Moffitt in the areas of fractionation, toxicity interventions, and combined modality therapy have advanced to become national multicenter trials. Dr. Trotti is co-chair of the RTOG Head and Neck Committee. Under his guidance, several of his radiation oncology colleagues at Moffitt have participated in leadership roles within RTOG, including the Quality of Life Committee, Outcomes Committee, Special Populations Committees, and Research Associates Committee. Dr. Zachariah and Dr. Gwede from Radiation Oncology are currently leading a phase III RTOG trial of octreotide in the prevention of radiation-induced diarrhea. As part of the effort to measure outcomes, Darlene Johnson, MBA, and Dr. Trotti developed and validated a radiation-specific quality of life tool currently in use in two national RTOG trials. Dr. Trotti and colleague Dr. Javier Torres-Roca were recently awarded a pilot grant to study genomic predictors of radiosensitivity in RTOG populations.

Dr. Trotti is co-chair of the Health Services Research (HSR) Committees for both the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Dr. Trotti has a unique area of expertise: the recognition, reporting, prevention, and management of the adverse effects of cancer treatment. Dr Trotti assisted the NCI in creating the current NCI dictionary for adverse events (CTCAE). This document has become the international standard for toxicity reporting. He has also led pivotal trials testing iseganan and lisofylline in mucositis. Dr. Trotti is Co-PI of a multicenter phase III randomized trial testing KGF for the reduction of H&N mucositis, sponsored by Amgen and RTOG. Dr. Trotti and colleagues were awarded federal grants to develop electronic methods of grading and reporting toxicity in clinical trials (Safety Profiler).

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