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          •  Surgery

          •  University of South Florida - Surgical Oncology Fellow, Moffitt Cancer Center
          •  University of Cincinnati - Howard Hughes Investigational Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular Genetics

          •  University of Cincinnati - Surgery
          •  University of Cincinnati - Surgery

          •  University of Michigan - MD

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Dr. Amod Sarnaik is a surgical oncologist in the Department of Cutaneous Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center and a member of the Experimental Therapeutics Program.  He is an assistant professor of oncology and surgery at the University of South Florida.
Dr. Sarnaik's primary research interest involves investigation of novel immunotherapeutic treatments for melanoma.  This includes tumor-based vaccines, immune-activating antibodies, targeted inhibition of oncogenic proteins and autologous T-cell therapy. His clinical interests focus on the surgical treatment of melanoma and other cutaneous-based skin cancers, sentinel lymph node biopsy techniques, and minimizing surgically-related morbidities.
Dr. Sarnaik received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and his medical degree from the University of Michigan School of Medicine.  He completed postgraduate training at the University of Cincinnati, OH, where he served two residencies in surgery and was chief resident. He also completed a Howard Hughes investigational postdoctoral fellowship in molecular genetics, and in 2009 Dr. Sarnaik completed a surgical oncology fellowship at Moffitt Cancer Center.

His research has been published in a number of professional medical journals.


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