Other Nursing Roles

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Advanced Practice Nurses: Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists

Nurse Practitioners have many roles when it comes to patient care. Their advanced education and clinical expertise benefit patients and families. They work with physicians to diagnose and develop treatment plans, and also treat symptoms and side effects. Nurse Practitioners promote a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. They obtain health histories, perform physical exams and procedures, prescribe medications and treatments, and interpret laboratory and diagnostic tests. They also provide counseling, education and referrals to other physicians and health care providers.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Our Clinical Nurse Specialists are experts in specific specialties such as Medical and/or Surgical Oncology, Critical Care, Perioperative Services and Psychiatric Services. Clinical Nurse Specialists promote quality patient care through expert practice, staff development, consultation, research and administration. Our master’s-prepared Clinical Nurse Specialists hold advanced certifications and are valued members of our Nursing Leadership team.

Other Nursing Roles

A variety of nursing roles helps Moffitt achieve its mission — to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. These areas include Enterostomal Therapy, Pain Management Team, Admissions, Case Management, Nursing Informatics, Nurse Epidemiologist, Medical Records, Coding and Organization Development.  Nurses are also in consultative roles (clinical nurse specialists, case management, admissions, medical records and coding, nurse epidemiologist, nursing informatics organization development and education) where their expertise leads to efficiency and effectiveness.

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