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Cost of an Online Consult

Online consults at Moffitt Cancer Center start at $1,250 for a comprehensive review of your records, films and basic pathology (slides). If your pathology requires additional testing or if you have a paraffin block that requires cuts, staining and additional tests, price will vary as a result.

In very complex cases, your physician or our physician may suggest a Tumor Board Consult where a multidisciplinary team specialized in your diagnosis will discuss the case. Tumor Board Consults cost $2,250 and include pathology and radiology review. All charges are payable up front.

If you only want a pathology consult, prices start at $250 per case, plus $70 for each additional stain. Unstained slides and /or paraffin blocks incur additional charges as additional tests do. In this case, our staff will contact you with an exact cost estimate.

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Is an Online Consult covered by insurance?

Moffitt Cancer Center's online consult program is not covered by insurance programs. You may pay for this service via credit card or bank wire transfer. You may want to talk with your insurance company to find out if reimbursement is an option.

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