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Coagulation Rotation


This 1 month rotation reviews coagulation disorders and diagnostic testing. The fellow is expected to review coagulation testing performed daily in the laboratory and prepare an initial summary of the results with clinicopathologic correlation. The fellow is expected to independently review the literature and learn more about related methodologies used by both reference centers and the James A. Haley VA Hospital clinical laboratory. There is a series of didactic lectures given on coagulation disorders and testing methods. The fellow attends the Coagulation clinic at the USF outpatient clinic, where patients are seen under the supervision of a medical hematologist.
Supervising faculty: Dr. Loveleen Kang

Pediatric Hematopathology


This 1 month rotation allows exposure to pediatric laboratory medicine, including hemoglobin electrophoresis, cytogenetics and molecular diagnostics, as well as common hematologic malignancies occurring in the pediatric population. The fellow prepares a preliminary report of all hematology related cases to be reviewed by the attending pathologist. There is a study set to supplement live case materials. The fellow also furthers their knowledge in cytogenetics and molecular diagnostics in on site labs. The fellow is expected to review cytogenetic and FISH cases and prepare a preliminary report which is reviewed with the staff cytogeneticist. All fellows are expected to independently read the literature concerning mechanisms and molecular alterations observed in pediatric hematologic disorders, and are expected to be able to explain these to the attending pathologist.
Supervising faculty: Dr. Wilfredo Chamizo

Benign Hematology


This 1 month rotation is intended to expose fellows to benign hematology, including laboratory testing and bone marrow evaluation. This rotation is at affiliate Tampa General Hospital. Fellows spend time in this community hospital environment working in the flow and molecular labs along with reviewing all hematology related specimens. Fellows have further exposure to hemoglobin electrophoresis. Dr. Browarsky has a study set available to the fellows to review additional interesting cases to supplement their case load. At TGH fellows prepare preliminary reports for sign-out with the attending hematopathologist. This rotation also helps the fellow to become proficient in the performance of bone marrow biopsies and aspirates under the supervision of the site director or a designee.
Supervising faculty: Dr. Irwin Browarsky

Neoplastic Hematopathology


This 9 month rotation provides the fellow extensive experience in the interpretation of neoplastic hematopathology. The fellow gains proficiency in the evaluation of bone marrow aspirate and biopsies and learns to incorporate ancillary studies for clinical pathologic correlation. The fellow also gains exposure to lymph node and fine needle aspirate specimens for lymphoma work-up. Additional services covered by the fellow on a rotating basis include wet hematology (peripheral blood and body fluid specimens), flow cytometry, consult service, molecular diagnostics and FISH. The fellows are given additional roles via progressive responsibility as they move through the rotation and are involved in supervision of rotating pathology residents. The fellow will also gain exposure to laboratory management and immunohistochemistry in a tertiary care setting. The rotation is enhanced by experiences in hematopathology related microbiology (1 week), stem cell processing/HLA (1 week) and molecular/FISH diagnosis (2 weeks)
Supervising faculty: Drs. Lynn Moscinski and Ling Zhang



The 4-week rotation is optional for a 1-year clinical fellow who would like to pursue an academic career and has on-going research projects supervised by a research mentor. Research must have preliminary results and potentially be publishable in a peer reviewed journal.
Supervising faculty: the attending sponsoring the research project.

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