Hematopathology Fellowship - Global Program Educational Goals and Objectives

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The goals of the Hematopathology Fellowship program are to provide advanced training in all areas of hematopathology to cover a broad spectrum of benign and neoplastic hematologic disorders utilizing both basic morphologic assessment and advanced molecular genetic technology. The training program also gives the fellow an opportunity to have serial follow up of cancer patients both before and after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and novel adjuvant therapies. Given the continuous exposure to extensive pathologic services, clinical trials and advanced translational research, the fellows will grow to become confident diagnosticians, researchers and laboratory administrators.

The objectives of the program follow the core competencies designated by the ACGME and are as follows:


  1. To demonstrate appropriate and effective diagnostic and consultative expertise in examination of bone marrow, lymph node, peripheral blood, liver, spleen, cytologic preparations, CSF and body fluids, and other hematology related material in the context of the benign and neoplastic hematopathology service in adult and pediatric populations.
  2. To demonstrate expertise in the application of state of the art diagnostic tools by appropriate use of multiparameter ancillary studies including flow cytometry, cytogenetics, molecular studies, cytochemistry, and immunohistochemistry.


  1. To demonstrate investigative and analytical thinking in every aspect of understanding a hematologic condition.
  2. To demonstrate the ability to facilitate learning of novel scientific concepts from colleagues and other healthcare professionals and to apply basic and clinical scientific data appropriately to clinical care.
  3. To become eligible for the subspecialty examination in Hematology provided by the American Board of Pathology, and to practice as a competent hematopathologist.


  1. To demonstrate the ability to investigate and evaluate new and/or emerging diagnostic, consultative and laboratory practices.
  2. To understand the principles of laboratory management as related to hematopathology.


  1. To demonstrate the ability to communicate and work effectively with medical staff, nursing services, administration, other pathologists, other trainees and laboratory staff members, other health professionals, health related agencies and when appropriate, the public, across the range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds encountered in their practice.
  2. To demonstrate the ability to act in a consultative role to other physicians and health professionals, as appropriate, and become academically oriented or specialty practice hematopathologists.


  1. To demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles and sensitivity to any patient population and respect for patient privacy and autonomy.
  2. To demonstrate compassion, integrity and respect for others.
  3. To demonstrate a sense of accountability to patients, colleagues, society and the profession and to demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to faculty, peers, and all medical staff etc. including but not limited to diversity in culture, age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, and disabilities.


  1. To demonstrate an understanding of how pathology services and professional practices affect other healthcare professionals and organizations.
  2. To demonstrate an understanding of and contribute to local, regional and national health care systems and support healthcare system effectiveness.
  3. To demonstrate the ability to advocate for quality patient care and the ability to work to optimize patient care systems and to develop the ability to incorporate considerations of cost-awareness, risk-benefit analysis.
  4. To demonstrate the ability to work to enhance patient safety and improvement of patient care quality and to identify system errors and to implement potential system improvements.
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