What to Bring

Where You Are:
Your scheduling specialist will let you know what items are needed and how to proceed with obtaining them for your first appointment. You may be asked to bring these items to your first visit, or some may be sent in advance.

1. Patient Health History Form - this is an online questionnaire that you need to fill out prior to your first appointment. Log on to Moffitt's Patient Portal or create your account here. If you need assistance during business hours, call 1-888-MOFFITT (663-3488) or fill out our online help form.

Below are other items you may be asked to bring:

2. Health Information Release Form (please print and fill out)

3. Medications & Allergies (please print and fill out)

4. Preauthorization Form and ID Cards

5. Medical Records

6. Referring Physician Follow-Up

7. Medications

8. X- Rays

9. Pathology Slides and Written Reports

10. Questions To Ask Your Moffitt Doctor
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