Working with Your Insurance

Where You Are:

Moffitt Cancer Center plays a proactive role in helping patients receive
quality cancer care by working with an extensive national network of
insurance and managed-care organizations. Although Moffitt assists in
helping patients obtain insurance authorization to receive treatment,
ultimately patients are responsible for adhering to the terms of their
healthcare plans.

Managed Care/Insurance

Moffitt's New Patient Appointment Center (813-745-3980) and Cancer Answers (888-663-3488) are both up-to-date on the managed care plans for which Moffitt is a participating provider.

View the Moffitt Cancer Center Managed Care Organizations

Federal Health Insurance Exchange in Florida 

Moffitt Cancer Center and our physicians, known as Moffitt Medical Group, are in-network for the following individual health insurance plans sold on the Health Exchange in Florida

  • All FloridaBlue “BlueOptions” and “BlueCare” plana
  • All Coventry plans
  • Cigna

For more information, go to The Health Insurance Marketplace

Medicare Patients on Outpatient PPS

Medicare has changed the way it pays for hospital outpatient services. As a result, we would like to point out some changes that you may note in your Medicare Explanation of Benefits notice.

When you receive services as an outpatient, you are typically responsible for a fee that the Medicare program does not cover. This fee is called a co-insurance. Over time, the intent of Medicare's new system will lower the overall co-insurance for outpatient services. However, at the outset, your co-insurance may either slightly increase or decrease depending on what service you received. Out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare beneficiaries with secondary (Medigap) coverage will remain unchanged.

If you have questions about your bill or the new system, please call the government's Medicare help line at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227), or our business office at 

Need to pay your bill? Login to the Patient Portal


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