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Yoga for Everyone
Chair yoga, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, deep relaxation yoga, and one-on-one individual yoga therapy are available. Yoga is an ancient mind-body practice that can assist with reducing stress and increasing strength, flexibility and balance. Body awareness, proper breathing, gentle movements, and relaxation are emphasized during each class. Cancer patients, survivors, and their family members are encouraged to attend regardless of any physical limitation. Weekly classes and individual sessions are available.  Individual sessions must be scheduled in advance. Class size is limited to 10 participants.

Inpatient Yoga
Inpatient yoga is available for all hospitalized Moffitt patients. This service must be ordered by your doctor. Yoga for cancer patients can help improve the quality of patient's relaxation and sleep, and provide relief from pain, anxiety, fatigue and nausea. This service is available to hospitalized patients at no charge. Yoga is provided by certified therapists who are trained in providing yoga safely to individuals during or after medical treatment for cancer.

For more information or to register for a session, please call 813-745-4630 or email View the Yoga flyer.

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