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Our team works closely with our multidisciplinary colleagues to determine a patient’s optimal treatment approach. To mark the location of the tumor, we ask our collaborating physicians to place markers into or near the tumor so we can precisely target the extent of the cancer. Many facilities do not have the ability to place these markers but we do so routinely at Moffitt. Our doctors have special expertise in the delivery of internal radiation to the liver (radioembolization) with Theraspheres. We treat both metastases to the liver as well as primary liver cancers with this approach. Internal radiation is sometimes delivered with HDR brachytherapy to the esophagus, bile duct, and rectum. We offer both gated and breath hold stereotactic treatments (SABR) to the pancreas, liver, and adrenal glands for tumors either before or in place of surgery. Longer course radiation is delivered with 3D CRT, IMRT, IGRT and tomotherapy. We attend both the liver specific tumor board and the full GI tumor board every week to discuss patient management issues.

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