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Meditation can help teach us how to calm our minds and to be more present in each moment of our lives. This can lead to powerful reductions in stress and anxiety. Meditation and guided imagery can help in managing physical symptoms such as pain and nausea as well. Classes are available, as well as one-on-one instruction. Call to schedule an appointment.

Guided Imagery and Relaxation Training
Individual sessions in guided mental imagery and relaxation training are available for Moffitt patients and their family members who wish to learn additional coping skills. Relaxation training can be very effective for reducing stress and anxiety, helping manage pain and nausea, improving sleep, and providing a sense of peace and well-being. This is provided by a licensed psychologist as part of psychosocial care. This service is billed to the patient’s insurance.

For more information, please call 813-745-4630. View the Meditation flyer.

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