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The Moffitt Institute for Robotic Cancer Surgery is one of a select few multispecialty robotic programs in the United States and the largest in the Southeast, offering the most advanced robotic and minimally invasive surgery options for patients. Our team of cancer surgery specialists – renowned for their broad experience and unique surgical expertise – collaborates with medical and radiation oncologists and basic and translational researchers. Together, they are dedicated to providing innovative treatments, educating tomorrow’s surgeons, initiating and publishing groundbreaking research and developing new technologies and surgical techniques.
We encourage you to view our educational videos to learn more about the Moffitt Institute for Robotic Cancer Surgery.

Dr. Julio Pow-Sang, Robotics Program Director

Is Robotic Surgery for everyone?

How does the Robotics Program at Moffitt differ from other Hospitals?

Do I qualify for Robotic Surgery?

What type of training is required for Moffitt surgeons to become certified in Robotic Surgery?

Does Robotic Surgery mean the surgeon is no longer necessary?
Why is Robotic Surgery so popular as a treatment?

Dr. Eric Toloza, Thoracic Surgeon

What is Robotic Lung Surgery?

What is Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS)?

Is one procedure better than the other (VATS vs. Robotic Surgery)?

What kind of patient qualifies for Robotic Lung Surgery?

Can older patients have Robotic Surgery for lung cancer?

Are there higher risks associated with Robotic Lung Surgery?

How long is recovery after Robotic Lung Surgery?
What are the side effects for Robotic Lung Surgery?

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