Testicular Cancer Symptoms

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As might be expected, testicular cancer symptoms typically develop in the testicles. Pain is perhaps the most common symptom of the condition; men with testicular cancer often report a dull, aching pain or a feeling of uncomfortable heaviness.

Testicular cancer can also cause:
Lumps in one or both testes
Enlargement of one or both testes
Fluid retention in the scrotum
Unusual pain in the abdomen or groin
Lower back pain
Swelling or tenderness in the breasts

If testicular cancer spreads outside of the testicles, it can cause other complications that are unique to the area of the new growth. For instance, if testicular cancer spreads to the lungs or the lymph nodes in the chest, it can cause dyspnea (shortness of breath) a non-mucous-producing cough or breathing difficulties. 

Every man is different; some develop all of these symptoms, while others have no symptoms at all. These symptoms can also be caused by other conditions, so a physician will usually perform several tests to determine the underlying cause.

At Moffitt Cancer Center’s urologic cancer clinic, we have a team that specializes in diagnosing and treating testicular cancer. We can perform a physical examination and go over a patient’s symptoms to determine if testicular cancer may be the cause. If cancer is a possibility, we can perform a number of advanced diagnostic techniques and provide prompt results. In these ways, we help patients get the answers they deserve and place them on the path to treatment.

For more information about testicular cancer symptoms, or to make an appointment with one of our highly specialized oncologists, call 1-888-MOFFITT or request an appointment online
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