Our Approach to Treating Testicular Cancer

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Moffitt Cancer Center’s Genitourinary Oncology Program provides state-of-the-art care and develops newer, more effective therapies for patients with testicular cancer. We also treat other genitourinary cancers of the male and female urinary systems (the bladder, kidney and ureters), as well as men’s cancers of the penis and prostate.

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Our team features multiple disciplines, including physicians, nurses, clinical trial coordinators and other health care professionals who support the patient-physician relationship and the care of patients and their loved ones. We hold weekly conferences to discuss cases, obtaining several different specialists' feedback and determining the next steps for patient care. This interdisciplinary approach results in highly coordinated, expert, quality patient care and greater patient satisfaction.

Urologic Cancers
Prostate, kidney, bladder and penile cancers can occur at any age but are far more frequent in older patients. Because Florida has many senior citizens, the incidence of certain urologic cancers is higher here than in other areas of the United States. Just a few years ago, a cure for many urologic cancers was a rarity. The trend today toward early detection of cancer is expected to lead to improved survival rates. Advances in surgical techniques and radiation therapy have helped to improve the quality of life of many patients with urologic cancers by reducing the incidence of impotence in men and the side effects related to the bowel and bladder.

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