Spinal Tumor Treatments

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Every week, our spinal tumor team comes together to discuss every patient under their care, evaluate clinical reports, radiology studies, pathology materials, and then collaborates on the best therapy options. This highly integrated, interdisciplinary approach yields positive results.

These conferences allow the team to discuss the best courses of spinal tumor treatment, which may include; surgery, radiation therapy and standard or investigational chemotherapies. Spinal stabilization for metastatic spine tumors is a key component of any spinal tumor treatment, and includes many minimally invasive treatment options.

In the diagnostic phase, an MRI generates images the team can use as a roadmap to maneuver around the tumor, in such a way, that surrounding tissues and systems are preserved. Through 3-D intra-operative navigation systems, our skilled neurosurgeons can locate deep-seated or small tumors more precisely, which further preserves the bone and tissue surrounding the tumor.

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