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As is the case with all cancer patients at Moffitt Cancer Center, providing treatment while we help preserve your quality of life is a top priority. This is especially true in the treatment of spinal tumors. Spinal tumors and skull base tumors are those that have metastasized from other parts of the body, such as the lung, breast or prostate gland. They can occur both inside the spinal column and beneath the tough outer dura of the spinal cord. At Moffitt Cancer Center’s Neuro-Oncology Program, our team offers leading-edge therapies for stabilizing these tumors, preserving neural function and improving your quality of life.

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The spine tumor treatment team is made up of many disciplines and is led by one of the world’s leading voices in the field of spinal cancer research, Frank Vrionis, MD, MPH, PhD. Dr. Vrionis is Chief of Neuro Surgery and directs the Complex Spine Surgery and Skull Base Surgery Programs at Moffitt, where his team emphasizes minimally invasive techniques such as retropleural thoracotomies, short segment fusions and the use of cages to provide spinal support. Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty are also available to reconstruct compressed vertebrae, restore alignment or relieve pressure from a pinched nerve.

Our comprehensive team approach to treatment and recovery together with our highly coordinated processes make all the difference in treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our highly skilled spinal tumor team consists of neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons, plastic surgeons, orbital surgeons, radiation therapists, neuro-oncologists, neuropsychologists, audiologists, nutritionists, psychologists, speech and swallowing specialists.

Meet the members of the Neuro-Oncology Department. Click to view the PDF.

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