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Page content: CRASH score calculator, CIRS-G calculator, Low neutropenia risk calculator, SAOP2 screening questionnaire with translations.

CRASH Score Calculator
This score stratifies patients in 4 risk categories of severe toxicity. Reference for derivation and validation results: Extermann et al. Cancer, Epub Nov 9, 2011. . Formal clinical applications of the score still need to be studied.

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CIRS-G Calculator
This calculator is based on Miller et al. Cumulative Illness Rating Scale-Geriatric: Miller et al., Psychiatry Res, 41,237-48, 1992.We corrected some discrepancies in the manual and added some comments. Pubmed ID: 1594710

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Low Neutropenia Risk Calculator
If the MAX2 of the chemotherapy is <0.20 and the patient had no 1st cycle neutropenia, then the risk of G4 neutropenia in the subsequent cycles is <5%, and the risk of febrile neutropenia <1.5%. Ref: Janssen-Heijnen et al., Crit Rev Oncol Hematol, e-pub Aug 2, 2010. Pubmed ID: 20685130

SAOP2 Screening Questionnaire
This short screening questionnaire is the questionnaire we use for new patients in the Senior Adult Oncology Program. It is aimed at defining who needs a multidisciplinary evaluation by a geriatric oncology team. Its sensitivity/specifity performance can be found in: Extermann, Evaluation of the senior cancer patient: Comprehensive geriatric assessment: Screening tools for the elderly. Handbook of cancer in the senior patient, Schrijvers D, Aapro M, Zakotnik B, Audisio R, van Halteren H, Hurria A eds. Informa Healthcare, New York, NY. 2010. pp 13-21.

Downloadable forms in English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) along with instructions for use.

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