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A variety of treatments are considered for melanoma cancer:

  • Surgical Treatment includes primary excisional biopsy with wide excision of the surrounding skin. Surrounding areas are considered when determining the extent of wide local excision, and plastic surgery principles are followed for maximum aesthetic and functional results. Lymph node excision of the cervical, axillary and groin lymph nodes may be recommended based on the status of the sentinel lymph node.
  • Radiation therapy is performed by a radiation oncologist and is occasionally supplemented by hyperthermia to augment the effect of radiation on melanoma.
  • Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Experimental Vaccines and Interferon are coordinated by a medical oncologist and are available for selected patients with metastatic disease or patients who have had metastatic melanoma. 
  • Limb Infusion is available for patients with locally advanced melanoma that is limited to an extremity.
  • Psychosocial Support is an important part of treatment at Moffitt. Members of the Supportive Care Medicine Program offer ongoing emotional and social service support, and they provide vital referrals to other Moffitt and community resources for patients and their families.
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