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INTRABEAM® Radiation System

Moffitt Cancer Center is now offering breast cancer patients who meet a select criteria an opportunity to receive a new radiation treatment for breast cancer that could eliminate 3 to 6 weeks of radiation treatments.

This advanced technology, known as INTRABEAM® Radiation Radiotherapy, may also eliminate or reduce many of the potential side effects associated with conventional radiation treatments including:

  • Redness and soreness of the skin
  • Possible permanent change in skin color
  • Feeling tired or fatigued
  • Potential fibrosis of breast tissue
  • Delayed wound healing

Over the past 20 years, diagnostic and therapeutic medical interventions have evolved into more patient-focused, less invasive techniques. That statement holds true for patients diagnosed with breast cancer who undergo breast conserving surgery, or a lumpectomy. Inclusive of the comprehensive breast program, the patient will receive radiation therapy. While the gold standard for most patients remains external beam radiation (EBRT) followed by a localized boost, delivered daily for five to six weeks, INTRABEAM® Radiotherapy is a viable treatment alternative for patients meeting specific treatment conditions.

Currently, eligible candidates for the INTRABEAM® Radiation single-dose treatments include patients with small tumor size, negative excision margins, negative lymph nodes and those who are postmenopausal age. Women who do not qualify for INTRABEAM® Radiation single-dose therapy may still be eligible to receive INTRABEAM® Radiation Boost treatment, which delivers a single dose of radiation directly to the tumor bed during surgery prior to the start of WBRT. This can reduce the total radiotherapy treatment regimen duration by as many as five to eight days.

The treatment was successfully introduced through an internationally randomized controlled clinical trial called TARGIT, which compared a single dose of radiation given intra-operatively to conventional external beam radiotherapy in women with early breast cancer. Employing “single dose” treatment at our center provides patients in the community with a convenient, innovative medical breakthrough and a treatment option that fits with their lifestyle.

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