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Most women survive breast cancer and live productively for many years. Decisions about treatment can affect the quality of life. Matching treatment with each woman's wishes, lifestyle and family situation is crucial.

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Services Provided:

  • Breast biopsy
    • Image-guided, minimally invasive breast biopsy
  • Digital mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • Breast surgery
    • Lumpectomy
    • Mastectomy (total, skin-sparing, nipple/areolar sparing, modified/radical mastectomy)
    • Sentinel node mapping and biopsy
    • Axillary node dissection
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Hormonal/endocrine therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Radiation therapy
    • Whole breast radiotherapy
    • Partial breast radiotherapy
    • Intraoperative radiotherapy with INTRABEAM®
    • Chest wall/regional nodal radiotherapy for advance/recurrent cancer
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