Tissue Core

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Scientific Director:
Anthony Magliocco, MD

Director -
Edward Seijo

Manager -
Michelle Fournier

Intake and Acquisition:
Staff Scientist -
Kristin Morrow
Specialists -
Emily Palmisano
Chelsea Ruehling
Marjorie Jeune
Jasmyn Pryce

Moffitt Screening & Prevention:
Staff Scientist - 
Kristin Morrow
Specialists -
Juan Gomez

Research Histology
Pathologist - 
Alex Lopez, MD
Specialists -
Noel Clark
Lidia Espinosa
Zena Sayegh

Sample Processing:
Staff Scientist -
Marek Wloch
Specialists -
Dongqing Chen
Natasha Francis
Herman Hernandez
Kissondra Mateuszcyk
Celia Sigua


TC has established a state-of-science biorepository resource to facilitate access and use of biospecimens to support basic science and translational and clinical research. 

The Cancer Center has two automated storage systems: 
• ThermoScientific Biobank Automated Freezer Storage System provides -80° sample storage and rapid retrieval. The system has a capacity of nearly 112,000 tubes. 

• Nexus Universal Biostore (NEXUS), with a storage capacity of over 2.5 million tubes stored at a constant -80°C, the Nexus Universal Biostore automated freezer system provides long-term storage of TCC® general banking and investigator-driven collected biospecimens.

Major Equipment includes: 
• TC-Solid Tissue: Qiagen Universal automated samples processing platform, Qiagen QIAcube, Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, Nanodrop spectrophotometer, Cellometer Automated Cell Counter, Qiagen Autopure DNA extraction system.
• TC- Research Histology Services: Leica AutoStainer XL automatic stainer, Leica CM1850 cryostat, Leica ASP300 tissue processor, Ventana Discovery Automated Stainer, Beecher Instruments Tissue Microarray Manual Arrayer.

• Storage: Tissue Core has two automated ultra-low temperature freezer system for long-term archival storage of human biospecimens (ThermoScientific Biobank Automated Freezer Storage System and Nexus Universal Biostore).

Services include: 
• TC- Intake/Acquisition: Collection, initial annotation, and de-identification of biospecimens for investigator-driven and general banking protocols.
• TC-Sample Processing Lab: Biospecimen processing services ranging from processing of blood to extraction of nucleic acids.
• TC-Research Histology Services: Basic histology services, research-focused immunohistochemistry, and construction of tissue microarrays.
• TC-Moffitt Screening & Prevention (MSP): Operating as a TC satellite facility at the MSP Center, less than 1 mile from the on-campus TC. This section provides sample acquisition, annotation, processing, and temporary storage of biospecimens collected at MSP.

Fee Schedule: 
 Tissue Core Services Current Fee Schedule FY14 (PDF)

Service Request Forms:
 Tissue Core Histology Request Form (Excel)
 Tissue Core Sample Processing Request Form (Excel)

List of Constructed Tissue Microarrays

List of Optimized Immunohistochemistry Antibodies

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