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The Biostatistics Core Facility (BCF) provides statistical support to Moffitt Cancer Center members. This support includes determination of design and sample size for grant and clinical trial submissions and monitoring of research data on projects. The service fills researchers’ needs in developing information for submitting studies such as numbers and charts to help demonstrate their scientific conclusions. Statisticians also provide introductory lectures in statistics and are actively involved in the Scientific Review and Protocol Monitoring Committees. They also serve as reviewers for grant applications.

Specific services include:

  • Design planning for grant proposals and clinical protocols
  • Analysis for many kinds of studies, including clinical trials, pre-clinical and animal studies, correlative science studies, observational or epidemiological studies, gene microarrays, tissue microarrays, SNPs, biomarkers, proteomics, synergism, retrospective reviews, group randomized trials, and psychosocial intervention trials
  • Reporting and Summarization for the analytical aspects for reports, abstracts, and manuscripts, preparation of tables and figures, including interim analysis reports of clinical trial
  • Development of new statistical methods needed by researchers and short course teaching on statistical methods for cancer researchers
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