How to Participate

Where You Are:

As a patient, it only takes a small investment in time to become a participant in Total Cancer Care. Consider spending an extra 15 minutes when you visit your physician for your pre-operative or pre-biopsy lab tests to answer a few survey questions about your medical history.

If this is the first time you have heard about Total Cancer Care, please ask your doctor about it during your clinic visit.

Patients can elect to withdraw from the study at any time. However, we would like to follow you for life. If you decide to relocate and wish to continue in the Total Cancer Care study, please provide your physician with your change of address.

Why participate?

Someday, you or others participating in this research may need drug therapy to treat your disease. Should this occur, we would want to use gene-based technology to try to find the best drug for you. If a promising clinical trial or new drug associated with that trial is available that may be of benefit to you, we will request permission to contact you in the future with this information. You may also help others with cancer by participating in this research. It takes thousands of individuals like you to participate to make Total Cancer Care work. There are no extra doctor visits or additional expenses associated with the Total Cancer Care research project. In accordance with HIPAA regulations, your medical information will remain private.

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