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Total Cancer Care® is Moffitt Cancer Center's comprehensive approach to cancer that enables researchers and caregivers to identify and meet all the needs of a patient and their family during the patient's lifetime and for future generations.

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What makes Total Cancer Care so effective is its comprehensive approach.

Total Cancer Care combines information technology, research and patient care that can be “personalized” by matching the patient to the precise treatment. Personalized care means treatment plans are individualized to the patient’s specific needs. Treatment and care come in one package. Total Cancer Care encompasses quality patient care with cutting edge research.

  • Patients enroll at Total Cancer Care affiliated hospitals and doctors' offices.
  • Patients donate clinical information and excess tumor samples and body fluids not needed for their care.
  • Data is stored and may be analyzed by researchers for biological or clinical elements that may advance the care and treatment of cancer.
  • Doctors may contact patients again if new information is discovered that could help in their care, including possible clinical studies.

Total Cancer Care is an ambitious partnership between patients, doctors and researchers to improve all aspects of cancer prevention and care. Patients participate by donating information and tissue. Researchers use the information to learn about all issues related to cancer and how care can be improved. Physicians use the information to better educate and care for patients.

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