Together We Stand.

During my treatment at Moffitt I connected with others who were going through the same thing I was. Today we still stand strong!

Patient Support

Where You Are:


Moffitt’s TakeCharge! offers comprehensive care and support to cancer patients, survivors and their families & loved ones. Cancer is a terrifying and often confusing life-altering disease, and no matter the diagnosis, Moffitt’s team of physicians and support staff will be there every step of the way – before, during, post treatment and well into the recovery & survivorship years.


    From patient stories and treatment to survivorship programs and screenings, TakeCharge! is a wide-ranging network that encompasses virtually every aspect of life both pre and post cancer treatment. TakeCharge! will act as something of a cancer compass, pointing patients and their families in the proper direction as they make turns throughout their journey against cancer.


    Moffitt cancer sufferers and survivors support and connectTakeCharge! grants patients access into Moffitt's exclusive cancer community, where cancer sufferers and survivors can connect with one another and create bonds with the Moffitt team. Although loved ones will undoubtedly provide uncondi- tional love and support, it is the relationships that patients develop with Moffitt's physicians and support staff that help keep spirits high and remind them that they have the power to take charge and overcome their disease.
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