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Healing & wellness services for Moffitt patients during & after cancer treatment

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Proper nutrition is an integral part of the cancer recovery process. Whether a patient is going through chemotherapy, radiation treatment or has recently overcome their disease, enhanced dietary care can have lasting positive effects for the mind, body and soul of cancer patients and survivors.

Moffitt Cancer Center employs a team of registered/licensed dietitians whose sole purpose is to provide comprehensive medical nutrition therapy. The Department of Nutrition offers patients a wide-array of cancer nutritional services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Preventing and treating malnutrition
  • Counseling on diet and cancer prevention
  • Managing nutritional side-effects of treatment
  • Aiding in nutrition recovery following treatments
  • Counseling on dietary supplements and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies
  • Protecting patients from nutrition quackery and scams
  • Clarifying confusing and contradictory health claims
  • Providing tube feeding recommendations and monitoring
  • Modifying diets for patients with malabsorption
  • Promoting food safety for patients with decreased immunity
  • Aiding in weight control for cancer survivors
  • Providing nutrition counseling for cancer survivors
  • Counseling on drug-diet interactions

Cancer Diet: Common Questions?

Why is chemotherapy causing a change in my appetite? Should I be experiencing pain in swallowing during treatment? Does sugar “feed” cancer? How much water should I be drinking per day? Are there specific guidelines for diet and cancer prevention?

When broaching the subject of cancer and nutrition, questions are aplenty. Moffitt’s Department of Nutrition understands that every cancer care will require unique nutritional guidance, and each registered dietitian is well-versed in answering and providing support in response to any question patients might have regarding cancer diets.

Moffitt’s registered dietitians are available to meet with you or your loved ones throughout their care at Moffitt.  To set up an appointment with a dietitian, please call 813-745-8449.

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