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Ponce School of Medicine-Moffitt Cancer Center Partnership

The geographic proximity and large Hispanic populations in Florida and Puerto Rico have driven the formation of an academic partnership between the Ponce School of Medicine and Moffitt Cancer Center. The complementary expertise at both institutions provides a synergistic means of studying the cancer problem in Puerto Ricans, and in the Hispanic population in general.
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ICARE is a registry-based research study at the Moffitt Cancer Center and represents a clinical-research-community partnership among medical practitioners, researchers and members of the general population. The common goal of our efforts is to improve the lives of patients and families at risk for inherited cancer susceptibility.
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Physical Science Oncology Center (PS-OC)

The Moffitt Cancer Center Physical Science Oncology Center (PS-OC) will examine the role of the physical microenvironment in carcinogenesis, tumor progression and metastases. A major focus will be translational as we actively investigate perturbations in the microenvironment as novel cancer prevention and treatment strategies.
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Tampa Bay Community Cancer Network

The Tampa Bay Community Cancer Network is a collaborative network of academic and community-based organizations and is one of 25 Community Networks Programs across the country funded by the National Cancer Institute's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities. Our network is made of local community-based health centers, nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, adult education and literacy groups, and the Moffitt Cancer Center. Together, our goal is to create and implement sustainable and effective community-based interventions to impact cancer disparities in the Tampa Bay area.
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