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Symptom Management

Chemotherapy is a drug taken by mouth or through your vein to treat cancer by interfering with the growth of cells that cause the disease.

Some treatments can also affect normal cell growth, which is why some patients may experience side effects. Talk to your doctor about any possible side effects that may be related to your specific treatment.

Learn more about Chemotherapy Symptom Management.


Infusion Center

The Infusion Center at Moffitt Cancer Center is responsible for most outpatient infusions on Moffitt’s main campus in north Tampa. Infusion services also are available at Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza.

All treatments are specifically tailored to each patient on the day of their visit based on a calculated formula of their height and weight.

Learn more about the Infusion Center at Moffitt.


Patient Experience

Learn more about what you can expect during your treatment at Moffitt's Infusion Center.

Click here for more details about the patient experience.

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